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Square spiral staircase made from mdf wood. Made by Inspiraling Stair Systems as a solution to access to lofts, basements and landings.

Square Spiral Stairs

Space Saving Stair Solutions

  • Our stairs are made from square M.D.F and can also be made from waterproof treated M.D.F on request for basements.

  • Stair widths are standard 750mm or 950mm from centre post to walls to meet UK building regulations. (Stating 600mm between the handrail and centre post)

  • Our stairs are made at our own workshop and are flat packed for easy transport, access and quick site assembly.

  • Most of our stairs can be fitted within just a day.

  • Our stairs are perfect for replacing space savers or pedal steps or even a simple loft ladder to give a much better appeal.

  • Our stairs can be made clockwise, anti-clockwise or alternative stairs, depending on your needs and space.

  • Our stairs sit on most landings over existing stairs without taking up space in existing bedrooms or studies.

  • Our stairs are well built and designed to last whilst also making that lasting impression on your property. 

  • With prompt build and dispatch times, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

If you want a square spiral staircase that's durable, well priced and shipped quickly why not get in touch with our friendly and professional team today on 0117 902 0103 to find out more. 


Here are examples of floor plans of the most common type of home in the UK. 


These floorplans will give you an idea of where your new square spiral stairs could fit, either over existing stairs, leading to a basement or replacing old stairs. 


If you don't see your house floorplan here, we can still offer a variety of custome designs. And also offer our space-saving stairs in clockwise, anti-clockwise or alternative stairs by adding extra steps, which can create s-shapes or u-shapes to best fit your space. See our prices page for more details. 


We have tried to give you an idea of the most common floorplans. However, we always suggest to give us a call on 01179 020103 to discuss your staircase layout and what is best for your needs.

Replacing existing stairs
Over hanging stairs/hallway
In corner of room

Get in touch with our friendly and specialist team today on

01179 020103

or email us using our contact form to find out more.


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